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New Cache Map Set to Return to CS:GO


The competitive CS:GO community was rather shocked earlier on this year when it was announced that Cache would be removed from the competitive map pool – it’s an iconic map for pros and viewers alike. If you were one of the many upset, recent facts have cropped up that ought to turn that frown upside down.

Replacing the map with Vertigo didn’t help either – a choice which has been criticised from day zero. However, removing the map has allowed for it to be reworked for the first time in a while.

The creator of the map, by the name of Shawn FMPONE Snelling has exclusively reworked the entire map to its apparent conclusion. So much so, that the map will be present at ESL One New York for testing between the grand final maps. That gives us a couple of weeks before we get to savour some actual gameplay.

Although the map has been completed, the decision remains in the hands of Valve as to include it or not in the competitive cycle of maps. This is what the community needs to worry about for the time being; perhaps Vertigo will be around for a while longer following the StarLadder Berlin Major. In my opinion it’ll all be decided following the show match at ESL One New York – the community’s response will be vital to the potential re-introduction of the classic CS:GO map.

Art from the reworked map has also been teased on social media from the creators, successfully tantalizing the community.

Valve continues to remove and reintroduce maps in order to refine the overall gameplay and to also introduce variety in the competitive scene. With how strong a connection Cache has established with so many players, I expect it to return shortly after the reveal – as long as it’s been changed for the better, of course.

Let us know your thoughts about the nature of competitive CS:GO‘s map pools in the comments section below!.

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