MALTA VIBES WEEK 5: Group D – Recap

After a long day of Counter Strike, Bluejays makes an end to the group stages!
Let’s rewind a little…

Bluejays and Lyngby Vikings went neck and neck in their opening match and took us into double overtime right away, where Bluejays claimed the win.
In the other opening match, Alternate aTTaX also had a close game, but overall a much smoother run for them.

In the winners match aTTaX made this even smoother. A clean and fast 2 – 0 against Bluejays secures them once again a spot in the playoffs.

Lyngby Vikings was giving all they had in the elimination match, but so was Budapest Five.
After 3 maps, 2 of which were extremely close, Budapest Five eliminated Lyngby Vikings from this week’s event.

Bluejays had no mercy in the decider match though. Some very strong T-side executes, and great retakes on the CT side made them the better team in this match-up and so claiming that final ticket for the playoffs tomorrow.

That’s it for the group stages this week! Tomorrow it’s time for the real deal: The playoffs…