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Ninja Streaming WoW Classic – Hopping onto the Train

he couldn’t help himself

World of Warcraft: Classic has clearly taken 2019 by storm. At this point, I don’t think nearly enough hype was generated for the title being released; as now, one by one, streamers are realising how much fun the title is. With others, such as Dr.Disrespect clearly retaliating against the title, many have decided to go ahead and play the engaging MMORPG.

The comments section is rather hilarious, with other streaming personalities either welcoming Ninja or bidding him farewell to the title. It’s certainly a change of pace for the prominent battle royale streamer, and playing such an aged title may affect his viewership which usually consists of a younger audience.

While he hasn’t explicitly said that he’s willing to change everything up, I’m assuming he’s following the same stance as someone like shroud, another streamer known for FPS titles, who willingly said that he’d rather play WoW.

In my mind, I figured I would not get the views I normally get, I would not get the donors I usually get, I would not get the subs I usually get. I’m playing this game for my own thing.

Shroud doesn’t care

Then again, I don’t think the ‘less views’ argument applies anymore. WoW Classic is dominating Twitch, dwarfing the likes of LoL and Fortnite by double. You can’t blame streamers for hopping onto trends; it’s their job to do so – the only thing to factor is how they make the transition. Larger streamers will now try to hop on to the train which smaller, more loyal streamers have enjoyed such as JokerdTV, who jumped from 1,000 to 124k followers in moments following his achievement of reaching the level cap which bagged him 350,000 views and a Twitch partnership.

The title now looks to defeat The International 2019’s competitive week, as the most-watched week of Twitch hours ever.

At this rate, we may even organize something locally for the Maltese community. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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