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On Heroic’s Exit from the European Champions Cup

Since its inception, the Champions Cup has presented a unique opportunity for teams outside the top ranks to prove themselves worthy for an entry to a $300,000 offline final event in Malta.  Over the span of two and a half months, teams have fought, won, lost and bounced back, thanks to our special format that offers multiple paths to succeed.

Appreciating that our format is also something new to the scene, we have also taken the effort to explain it to teams, clarify where necessary and communicate the bottom line – the actual dates and times when teams will be playing – well in advance.  We have always done our best to accommodate teams’ incredibly busy timetables, rescheduling when necessary with consent from other competitors.  As per our principles, we treat all our competitors with the respect that is forthcoming of professionals within our industry and must therefore reply in kind when that respect is not reciprocated.

Recently, we have been made aware that the date of our offline finals coincides with another event, despite releasing the Champions Cup Finals over three weeks before the latter and repeated attempts to reach out to the other organisers with no result.  Heroic, who have been aware of our offline final dates since the end of September, still made the decision to compete in the other event’s qualifiers and succeeded.  As a result, we received a message from Heroic that read as follows: “I guess we need to pull out [of the Champions Cup]”. 

While we respect Heroic’s decision to bow out of our tournament, albeit in that unceremonious fashion, we feel that we must comment on the tendency of teams to overbook their schedules to breaking point, and the problems that it creates for tournament organisers.  Simply put, it is unprofessional and disrespectful to TOs, to sponsors and other competitors when teams blindly accept any tournament that comes their way, without consulting their schedules.  While the subject of this release is indeed Heroic, they were not the only team to present us with similar challenges.  It is unfortunate that this practice continues unchecked, especially when the majority of teams are indeed co-operative, respectful and professional.

Heroic’s departure also leaves the issue of an empty place in our seedings.  Instead of finding a last-minute replacement, we have opted to move up our seeded teams by one position. Despite setbacks outside our control, we want to remain true to our commitment to helping teams grow and rewarding teams that have stuck by us.

Despite everything, we’d like to wish Heroic the best of luck in their upcoming tournament, as well as take the opportunity to thank our other teams, viewers and sponsors for their support in making our event series a reality.  The Champions Cup continues with the last Finals Stage on the 20th of November on For more info about the Champions Cup, visit

See you on stream, and/or in Malta, very soon!

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