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OpTic CS:GO Disbanded – Inevitable

The Greenwall’s been going through a tough timE

Fans of the Greenwall have witnessed their Call of Duty, Production and now CS:GO teams all vanish as the organization has lost most of its fanbase, it’s safe to say. Yes indeed, OpTic Gaming’s CS:GO team, who were active as recently as last week in the DreamHack Masters Malmo, has been disbanded – this may come as no surprise to the community due to their recent performances.

The announcement is based on the fact that the in-game leader of Mathia “MSL” Lauridsen placed himself on the bench as the starting line-up has itself decided to disband independently from the management. Apparently due to certain contract issues and their poor form, unlike their behaviour last June at DreamHack Summer where the roster won, the decision was finalised. These ideas are captured by “k0nfigCS’ as he took the situation to Twitter, as any other esports player would.

“No future in OpTic” – those are some strong words. This tweet follows up an earlier one, where the player expressed his doubts with regards to contracts deterring the team’s performance.

Let’s return to “MSL” and his original comment below:

I have decided to bench myself. When I joined Optic, the plan was to build a strong team and buy out strong players, but because of optic getting sold, that changed and we have constantly been in a position where we couldn’t build a proper team.

Mathia ‘MSL’ Lauridsen

OpTic being purchased by Immortals Gaming Club has properly destroyed what the organization used to stand for – prioritising the professionals and the community. The thing is, according to Valve’s rules, IGC was going to have to bench OpTic regardless, as they already own MIBR also – no conflict of interest is allowed in Valve’s rules. Still, not a proper way to go out.

Overall, the whole OpTic situation is one all organizations need to pay attention to – care for your community and avoid selling yourself out to the detriment of the fanbase; as it will quickly disappear once the passion does. Practically, all the players are now free agents following a Top 12 last week at DreamHack Malmo.

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