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Overwatch 2 Announced!

expectations are high

Blizzard went out of their way to kick-off November by confirming the truckload of rumours with regards to a sequel to their competitive hero-based shooter of Overwatch. Adding a number ‘2’ to the end of it; the cinematic trailer promises a fresh experience:

Released in May of 2016, many believed that the title would remain a competitive title, depending on constant updates to the gameplay to help maintain the community – but no, Blizzard has chosen to use the beloved roster of heroes, intertwining lore and abilities to build a new title. Winston is pretty badass in the above cinematic trailer, as the trailer slowly introduces new villains and characters to the mix. (If you couldn’t tell, I found the trailer to be rather awesome, even though I’ve never endeavoured in playing Overwatch myself). The trailer looks to push a more story-driven Overwatch; giving the fans what they’ve wanted for a while now by offering four-player missions. However, if you’d like to spare yourself from perhaps a fictional display; a gameplay trailer has also been released.

Above, we get a closer look at weaponry, new maps, game modes and a new hero. To reiterate, story looks to be a dedicated portion of this title; with Hero Missions paired with localities in the world – this might even be correlated to the Overwatch World Cup too. The PvP is still present, as a new mode of ‘Push’ is to be introduced.

Honestly, in my opinion, Blizzard has killed it with regards to the marketing so far – it looks to go above and beyond for both the casual and competitive community. In development for all platforms; PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch with no date in mind. If they take their time, they’ll nail it.

I don’t know. I have no idea! Let us make it great. We don’t have a date in mind.

Jeff Kaplan – BlizzCon panel

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