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Red Bull M.E.O Season 2 – Pushing Mobile Esports

a more popular title finds itself in season 2

Last year’s Red Bull M.E.O, as in, the first season, was a fantastic push forward for the competitive mobile gaming community thanks to the assistance from ESL – 36 countries participated to make for one of the largest mobile gaming events ever featuring the three titles of Brawl Stars, Clash Royale and Arena of Valor. The second season looks to improve on the first season, thanks to a few changes.

“Open to all – won by one. Red Bull M.E.O. is the competitive celebration of the mobile gaming scene. After proving yourself nationally, you’ll travel to the World final to compete for the title of best mobile player in the world. Sign up for the second season and challenge the best mobile players.”

Red Bull

The tournament returning in 2020, a certain change was made clear in the video above – instead of the MOBA of Arena of Valor, the reputable strategy title of Hearthstone will make a form of a debut on the mobile platform. Apart from that, instead of ESL organising this time around, FACEIT has been appointed to offer a thrilling event.

The overall format, however, remains untouched. Open competition in online or offline qualifiers will be succeeded by a regional tournament. Regional champions will be offered a trip to the Grand Final, where representatives from all participating countries will also present themselves in order to discover a world champion. Red Bull has even made clear that regional winners will have an expenses paid trip to the live crowd – they’ve highlighted how easy it is to participate, saying that all you need is your phone!

Last year’s MEO offered quite a unique atmosphere

While the venue of the grand finals remains undisclosed, anyone 16-years-old and above can start preparing themselves. What I’ll be looking out for are mainstream Hearthstone PC players making the swap to compete on a mobile platform – the title is identical. Prior to the event, qualifiers will take place across all 36 countries involved – Malta’s qualifier is confirmed for the 10th of November later on this year!

The Mobile Esports Open by Red Bull is truly an open event. With many details still to be revealed, we’re excited for Malta’s own qualifier for the event as to determine our ambassadors for the grand finals!

Let us know what you think of the open event in the comments section below!

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