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Riot Games Settling Gender Discrimination Lawsuit

a minimum fee of $10 million to be paid

Indeed, this is a more business oriented article, over one dedicated to esports. Riot Games is currently under fire from past former women employees, due to alleged claims of gender discrimination affecting their former wages while working with the company. As the developer of League of Legends, Riot Games is currently handling the lawsuit, following a class-action suit last year.

According to the original claim, it’s supposed that women at Riot are “denied equal pay” on the bases of their gender. While reports in August did announce a compromise between the two sides, the amount of money involved was not disclosed. $10 million seems to be the official minimum amount of fee to be paid due to this discrimination as claimed by the 1,000 women part of the investigation, being registered employees since 2014. This followed the controversial company-wide walkout which took place in May in response to one of the lawsuits, as employees sued Riot Games due to the same treatment of women.

It’s true, $10 million shouldn’t be problematic for the billion-dollar company, but reputation is rather priceless. Riot itself seems adamant to make amends for the alleged ‘bro culture’ which has affected the career of women within the company.

22% of esports fans around the world are in fact female, making up 30% of the esports audience, 35% of eports players – all of these statistics coming from the researching authority of Interpret.

Changing behaviors among a large segment of people is difficult. Progress of this size always takes time; however, a [6.5 percent] gain in gender share over a two-year period is a trend in the right direction.

If two years from now, the female audience grabs an additional 6 percent in share, esports viewership will be in gender parity with what we consider standard among traditional console and PC games.

As an industry, more progress will be made as females’ role in traditional esports titles continue to grow, given the efforts from some of the industry leaders. More likely than not, a lot of that growth may come in non-traditional esport genres, and especially games tailored to mobile and tablet devices.

Tia Christianson – Vice President of Research in Europe for Interpret

Riot Games definitely needs to clamp down on gender discrimination immediately, as it’s downright unacceptable. Although the lawsuit should be about settled and the penalty is just, we need to ensure that further discrimination is avoided. Although sorted legally, the community may still have something to say about it.

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