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Shroud Moves to Mixer – Another One

Following the steps of ninja

Recently, one of Twitch’s top streamers, “Ninja”, took to social media to announce his familiar departure from the streaming platform to join the growing media platform of Mixer. Now, just days ago, the first-person shooter specialist of shroud has taken to joining him on the platform. The former CS:GO professional has turned quite a few heads with this move; let’s see why.

Shroud is incredibly certain that this move is for the good of his career:

I just thought it was the best move for my career.

I wasn’t nervous about the move, but I was nervous about being here for the first day, for some reason

Michael “shroud” Grzesiek

Having acknowledged the fact that he could lose some of his fanbase from Twitch, after seeing the individual attention that Ninja is garnering on the platform as the main prominent face, I’m sure he’s certain that he’ll thrive. In a day or two, shroud’s Mixer channel has already swollen up to 350,000 followers – this may only be a fraction to the 7 million he left behind on Twitch – but it’s no wild guess to assume that this is only the bottom of the curve.

The reaction of the community is two-fold – either an ‘oh ok, he’s just doing like Ninja, no problem here’ or ‘why is he caving in to exclusivity?’. It’s a proper question though – why are streamers making the shift to Mixer?

Other personalities in the scene, such as Dr Disrespect, had to following comments to offer:

Who’s gonna follow shroud now?

Nobody. I’m sick and tired of already seeing the comments. ‘Who’s next Doctor?’ I was the first one there in Washington before [Ninja], before shroud. They wanted the number one. I said ‘wrong.’

Mixer wants to be relevant.

Their expectation is to mix their little Xbox streams and a space for influencers to grow. They claim 30 million monthly active users, but that’s because all of their Xbox users get default Mixer streams. Their engagement is extremely low, trust me.

The man got paid,.

Did he get paid more than the Doctor? Did the guy with the blue hair, the little Dragon Ball Z anime guy, did he get paid more than the Doctor? No, both of them didn’t.

Dr.Disrespect on stream

The Doc offers a lot of insight on the matter and he does, in fact, make quite a lot of sense, especially due to the fact that he was also approached. It seems that Mixer looks to up the anti with personalities – which is definitely the way to go; but will everyone cave in to a cheque and an exclusivity deal?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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