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Team Liquid Win the BLAST Pro Series Los Angeles!


The North American CS:GO roster of Team Liquid is on a blazing hot streak at the moment – winning four major esports events in a row, including the Intel Grand Slam and now the BLAST Pro Series LA, it’s safe to say that they’re the best team in the world as of right now. Indeed, they’ve now closed out on 5 events in a row – let’s find out how.

While gameplay was undisturbed, the event did have a shaky start due to the sudden venue change catching viewers off guard. From a capacity of 7000, the venue was reduced to one of 1500; in doing so, increase ticket pricing considerably. Regardless, the competition carried on unaffected; following the events of ESL Cologne, Team Liquid’s competitors were still trying to dent their campaign. With only 6 teams involved, the competition was limited yet intense, as $250,000 sat there, begging to be collected.

The 4 teams making it through to Playoffs were Team Liquid, Cloud9, FaZe Clan and NRG Esports – Team Liquid finishing first with a perfect 5-0-0 finish over the others. Following a pair of semifinal match-ups, it boiled down to a grand final between FaZe and Team Liquid – unfortunately for FaZe, Team Liquid didn’t feel like dropping a map yet.

FaZe did their best across each map, namely Nuke and Inferno, even managing substantial leads at certain points. Yet, every time Team Liquid found themselves in a corner of sorts, they simply killed everything or clutched up in ridiculous fashion. Following a frustrating 2018, where Astralis would have their number at every grand final, 2019 has proven that they are now the top team in the world. A short victory of only 9 maps is no isolated event; only another trophy for the cabinet.

What I’m curious about is how long this run will last? Which team has the best chance of beating them right now? Will they be beaten any time soon? Next week on July 18th, at IEM Chicago, they’ll be tested once more. Comment your thoughts below !

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