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Team United States – 2019 Overwatch World Cup Champions!

2018-11-02 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

besting china in the grand finals

While Overwatch enthusiasts have happily been enjoying the announced release of a sequel in Overwatch 2, they’ve also been loving this year’s iteration of the Overwatch World Cup. Just like last year, Blizzard decided to not divulge the prize pool for the event as a mere check doesn’t compare to the pride on the line. Read on to learn how overall, Team United States managed to come out on top and win for the first time!

The clear favourites heading into the event were none other than South Korea, of course, being three-time World Champions – the team had a lot of backing too. However, the situation began to look a touch grim when Teams U.SA and France both topped South Korea in Group A – as the Koreans were only one win away from elimination. Bearing this in mind, and the fact that China claimed Group B’s first seed – the U.S had the best record out of groups with a flawless score sheet.

The semi-finals saw the U.S matching up with South Korea, acting as one of the most highly anticipated matches of the event. While South Korean claimed an early 1-0 lead on Busan, the States struck back with two wins of their own to set the score to 2-1. Then, a nail-biting draw resulted in another map being played! It was here that the U.S clutched up and made their way to the Grand Finals, while South Korea wallowed in the defeat.

In the meantime, China took out France, implying a grand finale between the U.S and China. Superpowers outside of the game find themselves at odds; the things is, it wasn’t even that close of a match. Indeed, the U.S won maps one, two and three and it was all over as China barely even had a chance to breathe.

And there it is; the U.S finally managed to claim their first win at the Overwatch World Cup after placing 5th-8th last year! South Korea, however, will be out for revenge this time next year.

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