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Teamfight Tactics’ First International Event!


From the moment Riot revealed their new title in the Auto Chess scene and it began entrancing the community; we knew that competitive play was moments away in respect to the reputation of their main game of League of Legends – the Twitch Rivals: Teamfight Tactics Showdown is proof of this. Below we’ve collected all the necessary details for this promising event:

The two day event will take place across the 17th and 18th of July, through Twitch, of course. A collective $125,000 prize pool will be split across two days, for the 64 Twitch streamers to compete for. Participating on an invite-only basis, involved personalities may not be the most skilled or incredibly competitive, but chosen due to their presence in the community. Regardless, representatives have been taken from practically all Twitch regions in order to maximize exposure.

There’ll be a lot to learn from this event, for everyone involved

Here’s how the competition will play out:

  • Day One: $100,000 on the line; 64 players competing in two brackets of 32, playing five games. Cash rewards given based on placing and top 8 will progress to the second day.
  • Day Two: $25,000; though less prize, competition is tougher. Players play 4 games in a round robin to separate the top 8 players who’ll battle in a $5,000 final where the winner takes all.
It’ll be interesting to see how 8 POVs will be broadcasted

While the main aim of the online community event is exposure, the event will also serve as an initial stress test on Teamfight Tactics’ ability to be a competitive title. Should everything go to plan, we expect further international events starting with a LAN too with qualification terms. Until then, this event should be a blast whether you’re watching from the main channel or your personal favourite streamer’s POV. A temporary champion will indeed be decided for the Twitch platform.

Speaking of which, a list of the 64 participating streamers may be found here. We are certainly excited for the future of Teamfight Tactics, and we may be inspired by this online event to host our own. Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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