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Teamfight Tactics – Tacticians Meetup!

WE CANNOT WAit any longer!

Esports is a continually developing industry due to the variables of community support and game development – sometimes a new title comes out of nowhere, rich with support and ready for competitive play. For mid-2019, this seems to be Teamfight Tactics, and Quickfire’s excited to announce our own casual event for all you Tacticians out there!

Note the term ‘casual’ used here; the main aim of this event is to experiment and gain community feedback for potential future tournaments organized for Teamfight Tactics. The Meetup will take place this Friday, the 5th of July, from 6pm to 9pm at the Quickfire Esports Centre in St. Julian’s. Other details include a very low entry price of just €5 for all three hours and participation in the event using our high-quality equipment.

With the local hype and enthusiasm, we couldn’t help but co-ordinate an event just to gauge the potential of this new title as an esport. The real-time strategy title has undergone a few updates recently, such as tweaking item randomness, legends and mechanics in general, to make it suitable for balanced skill-based competition needed in esports.

With further regular updates, the title has potential to become a major esport

Apart from local encouragement, Riot Games’ new autobattler will also be enjoying its first international event with the Twitch Rivals tournament placing $125,000 on a thin line between 64 players in order to try to determine an early world champion. The international tournament will serve as an opportunity for viewers to observe strategies and utilize competitive playstyles – that’s also the aim of our Meetup, to help foster the sharing of ideas between players. It’s ongoing across this week!

Our event will only be the start to a series of potential tournaments should Riot continue pushing the autobattler into the competitive scene. The title, stemming from League of Legends is free-to-play on Steam and we highly recommend trying it out if you haven’t already or popping down to the tournament regardless just to see what the recent buzz is all about. Friday’s meetup will be far from the last Teamfight Tactics event we’ll be hosting.

Teamfight Tactics has a phenomenal amount of potential for 2019, and Quickfire’s prepared to help in generating competitive opportunities for an international community.

Should any competitors have any feedback, please send it our way so we can improve in future events for this young title!

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