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Teamfight Tactics Takes Over Twitch!

Twitch Rivals Was A Massive Success

With the conclusion of Teamfight Tactics’ first international event, involving 64 streamers in the typical Twitch Rivals format, a few observations surfaced. Firstly, the Auto Battler title seems ready for global competitive play as barely any issues showed up and match outcomes were for the most part, based on skill and preparation. Secondly, the title is extremely enjoyable for viewers – right after the event, Twitch statistics show the strategy game owning viewership demographics, dwarfing even the likes of Fortnite!

Statistics having been taken from the 20th of July

This was the grand aim of hosting a Twitch Rivals tournament for Teamfight Tactics; exposure for casual and competitive audiences. The overall winner, should one be interested, was, in fact, the streamer joshOG. Beyond that, Riot Games also wins in this situation. Currently absorbing a phenomenal 100,000 viewers online, Teanfight Tactics is dominating Twitch at the moment while even League of Legends gained some traction as both are being viewed over Fortnite.

While viewership is looking fantastic for the new title, we must keep in mind the sustainability of it all – will Teamfight Tactics become a momentary monthly fad or does it actually have a future as a title? In order to maintain these numbers, Riot needs to keep pushing competitive tournaments within the community, tweaking the title to keep player interest high and above all else, supporting esports events. The title has shown promise; competitors and consumers enjoy it – now it’s up to Riot to use this newfound attention to the full.

For a brand new title, the tournament was technically very smooth

A month will tell us how well the title will hold up. Until then, however, I believe it would be a great idea for Riot Games to host small Teamfight Tactics tournaments alongside their League of Legends majors as either pre-shows or breaks from the main event just to continue adding exposure. On a side note, Dota Underlords is nowhere to be seen, sitting at barely 5k viewers.

Let us know in the comments section below whether Teamfight Tactics is in it for the long run or momentary buzz!

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