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The All-Star 2019 Last Vegas – LoL


While the competitive League of Legends community is currently impatiently waiting for the next season of competition, being entertained by the scrambling rosters and the awaited gameplay changes, Riot Games has once again decided to occupy the Off-Season with the beloved All-Star event. Heading back to Las Vegas, the competition is almost completely in the hands of the fans – that’s something everyone loves to see.

The All-Star 2019 Las Vegas will involve a total of 64 ‘all-star’ competitors. The competitors participating will be decided upon by the fans, for the most part, in the following manner. With the eligibility including any professional recently active, fans may vote for two professionals from their respective regional league to send up to the All-Star event. The top two voted players from the region will, of course, be invited, and not forced to participate regardless of role. Note that national votes will have priority over foreign votes.

Apart from that, bearing in mind that there are 6 regional leagues, the following will be present:

  • 6 “All-Star Invitees” as chosen by Riot themselves
  • League Partners such as prominent faces and streamers
  • Some of the largest Teamfight Tactics faces too

This looks to add up to a grand total of 64 ‘all-stars’ as forecasted by Riot. However, it’s a touch obvious that 64 cannot be divided by 5? Well, that’s because 5v5 Summoner’s Rift won’t be the only gameplay available, as there’ll also be the following to enjoy:

  • All-Star 1v1 Tournament
  • TFT Tournament
  • Show Matches
  • URF mode (blind)
  • Tandem mode

Right now, no official schedule or format has been offered, as it’s a little cluttered to think of everything happening at once. Taking place at the Esports Arena in Las Vegas, come December 5th to 7th – all events will be settled within these three days of competition.

Unfortunately, voting is closed and Riot is still confirming the list of ‘all-stars’ to appear.

Let us know if you’re excited for the event in the comments section and if you voted for anyone – who did you vote for?

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