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The Asian Champions Cup – The Last Qualification Spot

5 days to decide one winner

The Champions Cup Finals is almost complete, with a total of 6 out of 8 contestants finalized through qualification and invitation, one of two remaining spots belongs to the winner of the Asian Champions Cup. Although a much shorter event compared to the month-long European counterpart, the 5-day online event is a lot more stressful for those involved as I’ll repeat myself once more, only one team will make it through our very own organized event.

The event has already started, kicking off on the 22nd of November, and it will conclude on the 27th. At the moment, the 8 teams have been split into two groups of 4. and some initial games have been played out in Group A. Namely, Rising-Star, Team Aster, Big Time Regal Gaming, EHOME, Invictus Gaming, Lynn Vision Gaming, OneThree.TSG and TYLOO are the rosters involved in the event. The format of the event is also a lot simpler compared to that of the European Champions Cup – housing a more traditional Group Play – Playoff format, with no Losers Bracket. Meaning, that only the top 2 teams from each group advance to the Playoffs, Single-Elimination Bracket consisting of BO3 matches.

All the games are currently being streamed on our very own Twitch account – you can expect some tight games, as everyone is gunning for the $150,000 of prize awaiting the first place winners of the Champions Cup Final here in Malta. While the odds are stacked against an Asian CS:GO team coming out on top, as only one will be present, we firmly believe that this doesn’t really matter – perhaps, the fact that only the pure winner makes it out will make it more challenging for the European teams to take out the said team.

We’ll be keeping a watchful eye over the tournament and return with news of a winner shortly! Let us know your thoughts of the region so far and perhaps guess at a winner in the comments section below.

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