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The Eden Esports Fortnite Summer League Entering the Final Stage!


Having produced a plethora of Weekly Roundup articles, the inaugural Eden Esports Fortnite Summer League is slowly drawing to an epic halt. Having commenced earlier this summer with low expectations, teams have come out to play beyond these aforementioned goals in both our Duos and Squads tournaments.

It’s been an incredible run this far already; across both tournaments, a total of 49 slots have been played out – resulting in over 100 hours of gameplay at the Eden Esports Centre! These hours have been spread across 21 total Duos and Squads rosters, which adds up to 50 competitors in all. With early beginnings, when we had a total of 10 teams in all in the first few weeks, the league blew up exponentially towards the mid-point of Summer, especially the Duos tournament. This has lead to some exciting competition, which will only become more fierce in the remaining two weeks.

This final time period is the last chance for teams to fill out the maximum 10 slots for scoring. Standings will be determined by adding up the best 10 scores achieved and comparing the numbers. The team with the highest overall score, from their 10 best performances, will be crowned the champion and given their reward. Bearing in mind that the prizes are as follows:

  • A massive trophy decorating the Eden Esports Centre, upon which the names of the winners will be engraved onto a plaque for others to respect
  • Winners will also be provided with trophies to take home with them together with an 80 hour PC Bundle offer redeemable at the Eden Esports Centre!
  • Runner-up medals will be available for second and third place
  • Participation medals for contestants beyond the podium

Standings at the moment are looking very tight with regards to our Duo League, as the title sits between L-Ezekuttiv and G935; the two acting as the favourites for the time being. Meanwhile, over in Squads, Rip Clan has a comfortable lead, though everything is uncertain heading into the end of the first season.

Our inaugural season will not be our last; this is absolutely certain. We have plans for next summer’s iteration, with potential modifications such as introducing a Solos tournament. Let us know if you have any ideas of your own in the comments section below! Also, feature your opinion about this Summer’s League too!

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