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The Fortnite World Cup – All the Winners


Last weekend was simply Christmas for the modern Fortnite enthusiast as the Fortnite World Cup threw a total of $30,000,000 on the line across the multiple tournaments held. With thousands of entrants for the Solos and Duos tournaments excluding the invite-based tournaments such as the Pro-Am; the event stormed through Twitch and in my opinion, was a tad overwhelming. Having so many POVs available and a number of tournaments, it was a tad difficult to keep track. Hence, we’ve gathered all the conclusive results so you can get your head straight around who walked away as champions from the very first Fortnite World Cup.


Starting things off with Solos, the tournament was simply dominated by its imminent victor in the form of Kyle ‘Bugha” Giersdorf representing the organization of Sentinel. Do you think winning $3 million with a whopping 26 point lead is impressive? Contemplate this as I reveal another fact; Kyle is in fact only 16 years of age.

God forbid I had three million euros at 16; it’s crazy just to think about it

Regarding the overall flow of the tournament, as I said, Bugha never slipped. Having just one scoreless game, every other match had him fighting for his position in the leaderboard – always maintaining a substantial distance from second place. Kyle is certainly a young esports star who’s future will now be carefully monitored – apart from that, the rest of the competitors needed to step up their game to match up. The players of ‘Psalm’ and ‘EpikWhale’ took second and third place respectively.


On the other hand, Duos was quite the rollercoaster, so much so, that the prevailing champions only prevailed by 4 points. Under the names of Nyhrox and Aqua, the duo managed to claim the $3 million prize in epic fashion. Establishing themselves on the leaderboard following two consecutive victories; they sat beneath the leading duo of Saf and Zayt until the final game.

The two will be splitting the prize evenly; with Aqua having his own winnings from solos

It was in this final game that the duo would gain an incredible number of eliminations in order to pass the former leaders and also the other two duos that managed to pass – the final leaderboards followed a 51 to 47 to 45 standing. An impressive victory which highlights the unpredictable nature of competitive battle royale.


The Pro-Am and Creative Finals tournaments took place ahead of the above two tournaments. The Pro-Am taking place only after roughly 2 hours of delay, would pit combinations of professionals and celebrities in Duos across many matches. The defending champions of Ninja and Marshmello fell rather flat, placing 11th, as Airwaks and RL Grime stepped it up to claim the million dollar prize pool.

I’ll offer a similar quick summary for the Creative Finals. Firstly, let’s tackle the idea – teams of 4 are thrown at creative maps designated to test the general skills ranging from racing, parkour, jumps and more which was rather entertaining for the audience present. With $1,345,000 on the line together with silly team names, ‘Fish Fam’, made up of Cizzorz, Tyler, Zand and Suezhoo, managed to claim the majority of the prize thanks to overall superior performance across all the creative maps.

In conclusion, the Fortnite World Cup was a massive success. Personally, as one not too interested in the battle royale, I’ll easily state that the success of the title in its mainstream exposure to esports is definitely beneficial to the industry, especially for the strong youth presence. Will Fortnite be around long enough for another World Cup?

We’ll have to wait and see; until then, let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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