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The Importance of Training Facilities for Esports – Necessary or Needless?

some might say they’re essential TO SUCCEED

One of the most important aspects of sports is training; it’s through training that an athlete becomes quicker, stronger, smarter and better adapted to perform at a higher level. The same goes for esports, which is why I believe that training facilities maintain their importance from traditional sports and are essential for success; an idea many organisations are catching onto.

The idea for this discussion comes from a month-old video I had watched and was fascinated by. Complexity Gaming revealed their GameStop Performance Centre to the world in one of the ‘Ground Breaking’ episodes. The administration demonstrates its desire to prepare players for anything; stage lighting, temperature, desk height, injury while also training their cognitive abilities and maintaining their health using sports specialists. Referred to as ‘The Best Training Facility in Esports’, they’re pushing the blueprints for future research into enhancing performance in esports.

They really thought of everything; not ground-breaking for nothing

Is such a sophisticated training facility required for a player or a team to succeed in esports? No, definitely not. What such a facility could be used for is to train and maintain players, tracking the physical implications of gaming, but most importantly, I think it could be fantastic to screen for future esports stars. Future talent can be measured through scoring systems, helping youth academies scout and track down young talent. Located at the Complexity Gaming headquarters, the topic comes to mind as many esports organizations have recently revealed new headquarters and training facilities.

By training facilities, I’m not referring to a ‘house’, with the FaZe or OpTic house as examples. I’m referring to training facilities such as those just announced by Gen.G and 100 Thieves, two notable ones across the many smaller ones already in existence. Two weeks ago, 100T raised $35,000,000 towards its own L.A headquarters and training facilities while at the same time Gen.G have also revealed an L.A headquarters, their second one after those found in South Korea. Both boasting the best environment possible for their players – should all esports organizations follow in this notion? Do these training facilities offer those occupying them an advantage?

The L.A Gen.G Training Facilities
Nadeshot revealing the future 100T Training Facilities on YouTube

In my opinion, the importance of training facilities in esports is still to be properly understood. What is known, however, is that esports takes as much of a toll as traditional sports, on both the body and the mind – take, for example, the use of a psychologist for Astralis which allowed their players to have an incredibly successful season last year. Training facilities could be the next step for esports, to step up the level of competition internationally – only time will tell how effective they are. Who knows, perhaps esports training facilities could arrive in Malta in the future?

Let us know below in the comments section whether training facilities are essential for esports or are simply over-the-top!

(I will point out that the ‘Ground Breaking’ series on YouTube is exceptional as Complexity are doing their utmost to learn more about esports, I highly recommend you check it out).

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