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The International 2019 – Taking a Closer Look at the Staggering Statistics

The opening ceremony of The International Dota 2 Championships 2019


Following a tremendous journey of several months of planning, actuated by a phenomenal week of competitive Dota 2, 2019’s iteration of the hallmarked The International failed to disappoint the esports industry, paving new records in the books. While many acknowledge the event due to the eye-catching prize pool, of $34,308,060, other statistics have also surfaced – numbers which plainly demonstrate the gravity of the esports industry.

As emphasized, there’s more to an esports event than a prize pool, no matter how bombastic. What’s a prize pool and a venue if the rest of the world cannot properly enjoy it? That’s the beauty of modern broadcasting, which played a massive part at The International 2019.

  • Total time watched: 88,817,630 hours
  • Average CCV: 727,021 viewers
  • Air time: 122 hours
  • Total views: 53, 408, 693 views
OG claiming a historical victory on the final day

Across the 10 full days. 5 days of live competition was streamed excluding rebroadcasts in-between days. This continuous flow of content gave way to the remainder of the ridiculous numbers which take a few looks to properly comprehend. The peak of the total 53 million views sits at almost 2 million, 1,968,497 viewers to be exact – the peak was achieved in the grand final where OG claimed the entire tournament. Overall, the event witnessed a dramatic 51% increase from last year, which was notoriously lower than the year before it too. The revival has been so prominent, that TI9 is officially the most-watched Dota 2 ever on Twitch, which comes as no surprise at all. Beyond the digital statistics. it goes without saying that the Mercedez-Benz Arena in Shanghai had its 18,000 occupied to the full.

All-in-all, that’s The International 2019 in all its statistical glory. A strong resurgence from last year’s relatively disappointing viewership, it’s a statement for the entire esports industry. While I’m no Dota 2 fan, by any stretch of the imagination, I appreciate the title as the current tip-of-the-spear for esports, pushing boundaries and constantly taking things to an unforeseen level of grandeur. Will the prize pool ever stop growing from year to year? While they can’t look into the future, I’d like to accredit Esports Charts as the source for the statistics.

What was your experience with The International 2019? Let us know in the comments section below!

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