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The Major Highlights of E3 2019 – Part 1


Although the official E3 show takes place next week, starting from today until next Wednesdat, devs and publishers have already graced the main stage with their own exclusive presentations for upcoming games, hardware and streaming services. We’ve put together some of the more eye-catching highlights and surprises at E3 so far, from our point of view.

EA Continue expanding franchises

Star Wars is back, but will it heal the open wound left by Battlefront II?

EA took quite a beating this year due to the release of the notoriously incomplete ‘Anthem’, which had the community shaking their heads in disappointment, especially considering the anticipation set during last year’s E3. Apart from that, EA is still recovering from the failure of Battlefront II – a prime example of a game locked behind microtransactions with no content available otherwise. Following the backlash, it’s safe to say that EA is sticking to established titles. Although this may be lacking in creativity, focusing on improving what has already been accepted may be the best course of action. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – Assassin’s Creed with the Force?

Ubisoft – partially owned by EA – have not announced a new Assassin’s Creed title which in my opinion, is a relief as they’ve been pumped out every year without adding anything new. But what does AC have to do with Star Wars? From the above trailer for the new SW title, what struck us most is the enhanced mobility and freedom players seem to have, reminiscent of the AC franchise. Apart from that, EA is determined to get in people’s good books right off the bat – promising no microtransactions (a statement which got the crowd quite excited) and a focus on story-telling in order to appease the demanding Star Wars community. Personally, this title is the one to watch out for from EA; the other announcements aren’t too mind-blowing, together with the fact that EA is also working on some indie games:

  • Apex Legends Season 2: Battle Cry – EA doing their best to keep up the interest in their breakout battle-royale of 2019. The only thing I want to know is if this game will make more than a dent and take a shot at esports.
  • FIFA 20 and Madden NFL 20 – this is the part of the stream when everyone gets up and does something; pouring some tea, feeding their dog, spending some family time, going for a jog – these sport simulators have their yearly struggle of trying to invent. Reintroducing FIFA Street seems interesting, but then again, nothing new.
  • Expansions for Battlefield V and Sims 4

when sony’s away, microsoft will play

Where’s Sony?

Next generation consoles are well on their way, and they’ll be here by next year, should the projected leaks hold true. This could explain why Sony were absent at this year’s E3; probably reining back their exclusive projects in order to be released together with the upcoming console to give players a reason to move on. For this year’s E3, Microsoft would have an uncontested stage and it’s reasonable to say, the most impressive show. While they may not have much to prove like EA, the main goal of Microsoft at the event was to show that they were ready to compete with Sony in this upcoming sale of new consoles while also demonstrating some new and upcoming multi-platform titles:

  • Cyberpunk 2077 as presented by Keanu Reeves!

Marketing has never been easier for Cyberpunk 2077 as Keanu Reeves grabs everyone’s attention. Genius, just genius – whoever thought of using Keanu Reeves to market a game knows what they’re doing, and the team at CD Project Red are certainly in control with a keen desire to follow-up the success story which was ‘The Witcher III’, the incredible multi-platform title which instantly rose to the top of the list of GOTY nominations. The presentation below captures the reveal of the post-modern world and the reaction of the crowd to Keanu Reeves. Regardless of whether people are gamers or not, Reeves on stage is an eye-catcher and a notion which will help propel the game to success.

  • Xbox Project Scarlett – Leaving an Impression

Stats and specs aside, Xbox are determined to come back and contest Sony with an impressive new machine – 4 times more powerful than the Xbox One X, and with a new designated controller. They’ll also have 3 console variants to choose from. The console is already set to launch with a new Halo title which will surely make the most of this new tech. Announced for 2020, it’ll be a direct competitor to Sony over one of the busiest periods of the year – Christmas time.

  • Elden Ring – Recovery for Game of Thrones Fans?

Although I’m not a GOT fan per se, I’m no stranger to the fact that the final season did not sit well with fans and their expectations especially with regards to the plot. G.R.R Martin now brings his renowned narrative powers to the doorstep of Miyazaki, a master of videogame storytelling in his own right, as exemplified by the Dark Souls Trilogy and beyond. The cinematic trailer shows no gameplay, with the only information available being a 2020 release date on the Microsoft Store and unlimited possibilites. This title could be something GOT fans look to, apart from those already stunned by Miyazaki’s former work. Personally, as a fan of Dark Souls, this title is certainly a curious one – sadly, I own a Playstation.

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