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The Major Highlights of E3 2019 – Part 2


Doom Slayer is back; why do the demons bother anymore?

The word ‘Bethesda’ comes with mixed feelings to the gaming community – either the grizzled veterans recalling old titles, or utter dismay at their more recent ‘attempts’. Fallout 76 was definitely a meltdown, but not in the way the developers intended, as the community and legislative backlash were rather severe. With furious eyes fixed and expecting certain titles, here’s why I think Bethesda is moving in the right direction and is the last show I found noteworthy:

  • Doom Eternal looks Phenomenal

My personal favourite of the entire event, Bethesda played their strength and allowed iD Software to really get the crowd hyped. Growing hair on the chest of prepubescent teenagers for 20 years, the concept of tearing demons apart with heavy metal drowning out your mother’s call for dinner builds on 2016’s successful approach to the franchise. This time, everything’s being stepped up a notch with increased mobility, a new and more colourful HUD, multiplayer modes, level design and more of what we love. Take a look at what’s coming out this November in the trailer below. I’m itching to see more at QuakeCon.

  • Elder Scrolls VI and Starfield not revealed – rejoice!

Although I have no personal interest in the above games, I need to address the fact that many are ‘upset’ by the fact that the above titles were not revealed in any way at E3. I’ll just take a moment to say they’re wrong to be upset and should be celebrating. Following the failure of Fallout 76 being one of Bethesda’s most rushed and incomplete AAA titles in a while, perhaps they’re taking their time with these new ones – can our heart really afford an Elder Scrolls 76? Apart from that, updates to Elder Scrolls Blades and Fallout 76 were announced should you be interested.


Although that’s all I found interesting at E3 this year, there were plenty more shows hosted by companies such as Nintendo, Ubisoft and Square Enix which you may review. If there’s anything you feel should be here in this list, let us know below. Also, Google Stadia, although no officially part of E3, shared the limelight with its new concept of streaming which everyone’s curious to check out.

Meanwhile, Bethesda and EA are both promising to mend their ways by learning from their reliance on microtransactions and focusing on producing complete games. Only time will tell if these pleasant ideas will come into fruition.

With that being said, Sony’s absence is a statement; buckle up for the PS5 and all the exclusives that will be available from day one!

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