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The World’s First Call of Duty: Mobile Tournament – Greater Things to Come


The event coordinator, lesser-known due to regional restrictions, of Garena looks to host the first official tournament for Call of Duty: Mobile ever since its release – the event named ‘Mission One’. While it’s only a tiny event in terms of prize pool and participants, I’ll be using it as a sign that the title has a tonne of potential for competitive play.

So overall, it’s only a prize pool of $6,600, while registration is restricted to competitors from Thailand. What is odd, however, it the format – games consist of a Team Deathmatch mode of 10 minutes/100 kill score limit to be played both online and offline. As one can imagine, further into the tournament, the final eight teams of five standing from 16 while be competing on LAN. Indeed, the event is far from awe-inspiring – the fact that esports has taken off one month within the release of the title, let me remind that it went global on the 1st of October, is tremendously promising. With counterparts such as PUBG: Mobile needing a bit more time than a few months to take this step, Tencent are wasting no time on their partnered project with Activision.

So what’s next? Will global events be hosted soon? Knowing Tencent and knowing Activision, it won’t be long before a framework is set up in order to begin the process of developing the title as an esport – making the most of the massive player base at the moment is what I recommend them doing. Together with the upcoming season of competitive Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – competitive Call of Duty has the chance to grow in tandem on both platforms.

Having broken quite a few records this month, Call of Duty: Mobile does have the opportunity to take this next step. The only obstacle I can see, which is common to many mobile titles trying to become competitive, is the lack of presence on streaming platforms such as Twitch – perhaps a few events could help develop this, but at the moment, the title almost has no presence.

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