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The World’s First Esports Racing Arena!

coming to miami soon

Racing esports, otherwise known as SIMRacing, has been taking massive strides recently both internationally and locally. Offering itself up as an esports and also an opportunity for traditional racing drivers to train, technology has allowed for a realistic driving experience off the tarmac. While many events have been held, with a different setup to usual esports events due to the peripherals required, venues often need to be restructured to accommodate. That looks to end soon as a new announcement has the world’s first Esports Racing Arena coming soon!

As announced by Millenial Esports Corp, they look to be the pioneers of Esports Racing Arena’s all around the world, together with their own in Miami. The president and CEO, Darren Cox, is bursting with comments:

These centers will hold major local and international competitions, be used for both amateur and professional driver training and also stage major corporate events. Creating our first arena is an important step in Millennial Esports’ goal of taking esports racing to an entirely new level.

Allinsports already have a driver training simulator facility in Miami, but our new arena will take esports racing to an entirely new level. Esports is the fastest growing sport in the world, but the racing genre of esports is ready to take a massive leap.

Darren Cox – CEO and president of Millenial Esports Corp.

Until now, only a few figures have been announced under the $2.8 million price tag for the private construction launched in August. The 12,000 square-feet arena will offer 30 racing simulators which are available for collective or individual play. Besides the normal stations, full-sized and full-motion simulators like those used by major professional race teams will also be present!

The future for esports racing looks very bright indeed, as digitized photos of how it will look are available too – a crowd area will be present of course, together with modern features to enhance the viewership experience.

Let us know your thoughts regarding the future of esports racing in the comments section below!

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