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Top 5 Games Releasing in 2020 – Part 1!


In terms of new game releases, it all begins to thin out come December of every year, giving us the perfect opportunity to take an insightful look to the future to see what’s coming down the pipeline. The following top 5 is only a taster of what to expect in 2020, subject to a touch of my opinion. Without further delay, the following are my personal top 5 games releasing next year to watch out for!

5. Doom eternal

Couldn’t be more excited for this title, which I would personally put in first place, but I’ll try to be objective and determine what the general thoughts will be. With multiple trailers revealing new maps, guns, gameplay – the DOOM Slayer is fully loaded to take on a whole new epic adventure of gore, plummetting into the centre of hell. Initially, to be released in 2019, it got pushed back to Q1 of 2020.


2019 was surprisingly great for Minecraft, as the community tasted a spike of return from older players and content creators who simply returned to their roots. Now, Mojang wishes to take the series into another direction through Minecraft Dungeons, an action role-playing game based around the awesome notion of dungeon-crawling. While it’s something I doubt I’ll be playing much, I’m certain that this is something the community can get behind come April 2020.


Scrap that Doom Eternal goes down to second place on my list, as first needs to go to Elden Ring. Another piece of work to be developed by the team behind Dark Souls and Bloodborne, FromSoft look to continue forging their own genre. Despite the fact that I’m a massive fan of the Dark Souls series, one other aspect of this game looking to catch eyes is the involvement of George R. R. Martin in developing the story of Miyazaki – the lore should be incredible!

So – know it’s your time to guess – what do you think is going to be in our final top 2 spots and in what order? Let us know your guesses in the comments section below!

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