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Top 5 things we’re excited to see in WoW Classic!

to be released later on this summer

At this year’s BlizzCon, the stage was set for Blizzard to discuss their heavily awaited title, World of Warcraft Classic, which will remaster the beloved original title released in 2006, World of Warcraft. Bringing software engineers, designers and other personnel heavily invested in the original title on the stage allowed for clear insight into the past, present and future of the series. Below, we’ve gathered 5 things we’re excited to encounter this August with the release of WoW Classic:


World of Warcraft Classic will be rewinding the clock and starting from scratch using earlier patch information. While the original had entered path 8.0.1 recently, Classic goes as far back as 1.12.0 to ensure it may handle the original source material properly. What we can’t wait to see is what the developers decide to keep and what to discard – will the same bugs be present or ironed out? Regardless, we’re sure that using the same source code, WoW Classic should have the same nostalgic feel to it, modernised a tad.

Announced in late 2017, the time has finally come for release!


Showing off the struggle of transferring old data to new engines, the panel at BlizzCon demonstrated some of the graphical improvements. All terrain, art assets such as trees, lamp posts, NPCs, character models have been revamped and we cannot wait to see everything seen beyond the 800×600 of those original models.

Perhaps it’ll look something like the current title?


While we’re sure Blizzard will do a great job in presenting the WoW we all hold dear and close to our hearts; such as the PvP, Dungeons and Raids, Capital cities, some changes may occur here and there. However, here’s what the Lead Game Director, Tom Chilton, had to say at BlizzCon in response to this notion:

“We don’t want to mess with 1.12 date, we don’t want to mess with balance – if we change the code in this regard, who’s to say what effects this would have on balance and raids and PvP and elsewhere…….that would actually be reducing authenticity.”

Chilton’s thoughts on not increasing debuff limit

BlizzCon 2019


Another thing a software developer touched on was the lack of modern service in the older patches they had to work with. These include lack of integration with Blizzard Cloud, no login servers, no desktop app, no customer support access and other small details part of the modern WoW experience. These should all be part of Classic, allowing the game to be more accessible and user-friendly than before.

It’s going to be an awesome way to close out the last month of summer!

#5 – Rereleasing content!

To conclude the conference, a content plan was revealed to the audience, consisting of the current ideas going forward into 4 stages of content. All of this content follows the same path as it did back then; it’s just this time, everything will undergo the same treatment as the main skeleton and we simply cannot wait to experience everything all over again.

Releasing on the 27th of August, we’ll be sure to cover its development progress and international reception once it becomes available. Let us know in the comments section below if you’re excited for WoW Classic!

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