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Twitch, Epic and Riot Join Forces to form ISFE Esports

a European federation for esports

Recently announced, though a touch under the radar, the Interactive Software Federation of Europe has recently formed. Shortened to ISFE, the independent federation involves many names in the industry, such as Twitch, Epic Games, Riot and more in order to represent them in the European esports industry.

“Esports, or competitive gaming, is an important and rapidly-growing segment of the video games industry, offering huge opportunities for job creation, economic growth, tourism and the development of digital skills.

According to Newzoo, global esports revenues could exceed €2bn by 2020. Esports has revolutionized how consumers interact with sports, video games, and online streaming platforms.”

ISFE chairman, Olaf Coenen.

ISFE Esports holds a strong stance of dedication to all who are involved; the general community, international organizations and especially those based in Europe. As esports grows, legislative representation will become imperative in order to manage the growth. Do note, that many other names in esports apart from those mentioned have also joined ISFE Esports; the federation aims to be as inclusive as possible to all involved in the industry, Under this one name, esports may be spearheaded forward in Europe thanks to the confidence provided by management and supervision.

An essential component of esports is building bridges; whether local, national, continental or international, strong connections are vital for the benefit of everyone involved. Through the agreement, large companies such as Twitch, Riot and Epic Games may collaborate much more easily for the benefit of viewers and sponsors. ISFE Esports is an extension of ISFE, the long-standing federation since 1998 which has functioned across many associated sectors; though none like esports, where the community has such a strong role in determining success. The data gathered from all these years within each industry will help to ensure esports continues to be a continuously growing industry.

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