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TYLOO Conquer the Chinese Champions Cups!

another contender for the champions cup finals

Previewing it earlier on this week prior to its start, the Chinese Champions Cup is finally complete, and we have our winner following the 5 days of competition involving the 8 specified teams. Organized by ourselves, we’re proud to reveal TYLOO as the overall winner of the entire event, having successfully qualified for the Champions Cup Final together with the respective contestants qualified from the European event and those invited. Let’s take a closer look at how the qualifier unfolded below.

Kicking off with the Group Stage, where our 8 teams were divided into two groups of 4, the stage was set. With only the top two emerging from the groups, stakes were high. From Group A, Lynn Vision quickly rose to the top in dominant fashion while second place stood halfway between Rising-Stars and EHOME, boiling down to the very last game of the group, which Rising-Stars took and hence, advanced into the playoffs while EHOME were denied further progression through the event. Dare I say it, a similar story constituted the narrative of Group B – TYLOO rose to a clean display of dominance while second place was taken by OneThree.TSG and not Invictus Gaming, as settled by the final match.

An exciting group stage sliced the competition in half, with two semifinal games to follow – one between Lynn Vision and OneThree.TSG and the other involving TYLOO and Rising-Stars. Long story put short, the grand final would consist of OneThree.TSG and TYLOO. Having met earlier on in the group stage and winning, TYLOO did indeed have a technical advantage, however, the maps were different this time – would this be enough to allow OneThree.TSG a victory? No, as indicated by the title, it didn’t – TYLOO rightfully claimed the qualifier as their own and swept the opposition aside.

We’re excited to welcome the roster of TYLOO at the Champions Cup Finals here in Malta, consisting of “somebody”, “BnTeT”, “Summer”, “Attacker”, “Freeman” and “KingZ”. Will they be able to take the European teams by surprise?

I guess we’ll find out on the 19th December – until then, stay tuned for the final competitor of the event – an invitation slot we are soon to announce!

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