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Must-Watch Weekend Esports Events!

This weekend marks the official opening of summer for all Secondary School and Sixth Form students – don’t forget to put on sunscreen and watch out for those heat waves! Perhaps you’ve got some time inside this weekend, interacting with your AC remote as if it were a smartphone. If so, you’re in luck, as we’ve collected the upcoming weekend events just so you know what’s live – enjoy!


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While Groups will be behind closed doors, Playoffs will be played together with a live crowd

Having already commenced last week, where the group stage was concluded behind closed doors, the EPICENTER will end the 2018/19 DotA Pro Circuit this weekend in front of a live crowd. Held at the CSKA Arena, acting as the largest LAN tournament in Russia; though small compared to The International 2019 which is to follow.

Anyways, 16 of the top DotA 2 teams will continue to compete for pieces of a $1,000,000 prize pool together with points necessary to qualify for The International. The EPICENTER Major is the deciding event for many of the teams in the scene, due to the importance of The International 2019. It’s definitely one to check out should you be interested in DotA 2.


Overwatch fans from all regions are treated with the return of Overwatch Contenders for a second season in eight regions, simultaneously. Each one of the online events will have $200,000 on the line; which teams will fight for following a regular season of Round Robin match-ups leading up to a final Playoffs stage.

2018-09-21 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment – last year’s season was quit the spectacle

However, apart from the ongoing competition (on it’s second week currently), the a certain amount of winners from each region, depending on the region, will compete in The Gauntlet; where the best of the best will compete for $250,000 once more. Still, a few weeks are left until the regular season wraps up which includes this weekend – Overwatch enthusiasts should surely drop by.

SGDQ 2019 – Speedrunning charity event

An opportunity to give back at the start of summer!

If you’re not too invested in esports but love a good speed run, a charity event is also taking place this weekend. The ‘SGDQ 2019 benefiting Doctors Without Borders’ hosted by Games Done Quick is a live-stream event with attempts at old speedrunning records. All funds raised and donated will be offered to the Doctors Without Borders charity. The humanitarian cause provides medical support to countries in desperate need of it – the event is a great show of solidarity and we encourage everyone to drop in and help out a little apart from enjoying the gameplay. It’ll be live until the 30th this weekend!

Besides those three, other leagues such as the LEC Summer 2019 for LoL and the Master’s Coliseum 5 for Starcraft II have also been ongoing for a while for those who are interested. A summer of esports competition awaits all of us here at Eden Esports, and we can’t wait to share all of it with you!

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