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What Happened to Teamfight Tactics?

will it ever rise back up?

It happens rather frequently in the gaming industry; new titles fuel an instant, grand buzz only to fade out instantly as other highly awaited through it in the backseat where it will be eventually forgotten. Could this be the fate destined for Teamfight Tactics? Let’s find out by taking a look at some statistics.

To bring everyone up to speed; Teamfight Tactics is an Auto Battler by none other than the developers behind League of Legends, Riot Games. The initial release in July saw the title soar to the top of streaming in the community; witnessing leading peaks of 100,000 concurrent viewers at times and captivating the community in general thanks to events such as Twitch Rivals.

Screenshot taken from the 20th of July – 100K viewers

Since then, however, viewership has dropped significantly. From July to August, overall viewership sunk by 57 percent according to statistics from StreamElements. At the time, there were even thoughts about competitive play – though it seems less likely with the decline.

Screenshot taken from the 11th of September – 18K viewers

This occurrence has a few possible explanations. It’s either Riot’s fault for taking too long to introduce ranked play and more frequent updates to keep the community interested or perhaps the genre itself – being somewhat more tactical and slow-paced, maybe people got tired of viewing it a whole lot quicker. Although these are agreeable ideas, I think the one which takes the cake is the nature of Twitch. On the platform, games come and go as it all depends on what people feel like – and human feelings are rather unpredictable. This is why streamers are always trying to discover the new mainstream title to play, catching the train early is one way to succeed. On Twitch, no title holds poll position forever as the attention span of the community is constantly shifting.

The thing is, Teamfight Tactics isn’t doing too badly in terms of viewership – it remains in the top 10. This article is simply addressing the steep drop off and the fact that the title has grown rather quiet; I almost forgot about this game entirely. In my opinion, the autobattler has the opportunity to make some noise once again as soon as World of Warcraft Classic slowly dies down.

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