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What to Expect for LoL Season 10!


The 9th season of competitive League of Legends ended in epic fashion at Worlds this year; now the community has the chance to catch its breath right before plunging into an all-new tenth season of competition. To add the excitement, Riot Games themselves have announced that changes are coming.

Riot Games has been all about change this year – coming out of nowhere with 9 revealed projects, in the form of titles across different genres and a film series too – so a few modifications to the competitive side of things are somewhat expected now. The main change will be in the form of a slightly modified Summoner’s Rift, reshaped as according to the new ‘Rise of the Elements’ theme going on, affecting jungling for the most part.

Apart from that, the Preseason 2020 roadmap has also revealed dates for Clash and a new hero coming to League, in the form of Aphelios. With a few in-game events, the community is desperate to know whether the newly implemented drakes and their related mechanisms will be involved in the new competitive season – starting on the 7th of January. By related mechanics, I’m referring to the added slaying power present thanks to the dragons, around – the Elder Dragon looks to be one of the strongest buffs ever in League of Legends, compared to the quite shruggable Elder Buff as seen at Worlds.

That’s really all we know about Season 10 so far; the update will be rolling in the coming days to provide players with the opportunity to test everything out before approaching the professional community. Rank climbing will soon be available. These small changes should only partially change the gameplay, but enough to add something new to it all.

We’ll see you all on the 7th of January for the new season – let us know if you’re excited in the comments section below!

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