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What you don’t know about Mobile Esports!


Although mobile gaming is yet to be taken more seriously throughout the entire gaming community, mobile esports takes little notice of this as it’s constantly making progress with new titles, events, and prize pools worth considering. So much so, mobile game developers Game Insight refer to mobile gaming as “a new era of competitive gaming”.

Personally, I’ve never been too interested in mobile esports myself, until this weekend with Guns of Boom sitting alongside CS:GO at the same competitive menu at ESL Cologne driving my curiosity. Hence, I carried out a little research and found what you need to know about mobile esports!

Mobile esports were also a part of the Asian Games


Though some are smaller than others, multiple mobile esport titles exist in the current scene, falling under various genres such as first-person-shooters, MOBAs, and of course, strategy games. Learn more about some examples thanks to this sourced information.

  • Clash Royale: very well known strategy title launched in 2014 – $1.9 million prize money and 24 tournaments within two years, hosting over 50 million active users.
  • Honor of Kings: popular in Asia, it’s hit 200 million active players, generating $1.9 billion total revenue.
  • Arena of Valor: a version of Honor of Kings for North America, it hosted the largest mobile gaming esports pool of $500,000 last year in July with its own World Cup.
  • Vainglory: one of the strongest mobile esports titles, the MOBA has garnered lots of attention, with over 56,000 viewers for events ranging up to $140,000 in prize.
  • Mobile Legends: born in 2016, the MOBA reached a value of $200 million by 2019, harnessing a lot of attention from Indonesia soon to become an esport.
  • Guns of Boom: released most recently, in 2017. The only first person shooter on this list sits at 55 million downloads and an upcoming $80,000 event.
  • Many others such as Brawl Stars and Dota Underlords.

Those are some proper numbers which will only increase with time. As aforementioned, Guns of Boom will be hosting its own event from the 6th to 7th of July at ESL Cologne; sharing the stage with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Involving the four best teams in the world, broadcasting talent with a two-day format; it’ll be a refreshing break from the main action. Including the mobile title on the same stage as an established esport such as CS:GO is definitely the right direction in order to raise awareness.

A trailer for the Gods of Boom event at ESL Cologne!

The occurrence stands as a claim to the fact that mobile esports is on the rise; which is why I believe a new title such as Teamfight Tactics should make the jump to mobile too, just like Dota Underlords.

The fact of the matter is – most of these aforementioned titles are accessible on the most common form of technology in this modern day and age; smartphones. To add to the accessibility, the great majority of these titles are completely free too. Smartphones are becoming more powerful, with companies such as Razer and Asus dedicating their resources, and are a staple of all pockets; they have unrecognized potential for esports.

SuperCell consistently makes strong mobile titles such as Clash Royale

These are eye-catching statistics and ideas, which are bound to continue growing. Events are constantly happening, with even local opportunities cropping up at local events such as the ones we, Eden Esports, organize. As more mainstream games, such as Fortnite and PUBG, add more competition to the mobile gaming scene – better, more esports ready games will continue to arise until one day, it’ll take off.

So don’t count mobile esports out; it’s only the first few steps in what could be huge!

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