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Why the Nova Series is an event for everyone!


Our Nova Series event will soon be taking place, from the 2nd to the 4th August, and here at Eden Esports we simply cannot wait. However, this isn’t really ‘our’ event – it belongs to everyone interested in video gaming whether it’s casual or competitive as there’s more than just gameplay to enjoy at the Nova Series. A LAN such as this one offers an opportunity for individuals, especially younger competitors, to gain confidence as an independent personality interacting with a community and in doing so, having fun!

Feel free to roam around between games and observe the competition!

One aspect of a LAN certain newcomers may be wary of is the notion of sleeping and showering away from home, using communal facilities. This is the definition of a misconception as spending an evening with friends, teammates and potential friends to then sleep in the same area is the ultimate opportunity to make memories and enjoy the weekend independently! This doesn’t come from us but is the general consensus of the community – the very reason why we offer the services. It’s for this same reason that there’ll be a dedicated sleeping area (bring your own sleeping bags of course) while showers may be taken at Cynergi nearby for no extra cost with the Standard Ticket.

Some might call it ‘camping for gamers’ and to an extent it is; just safer, indoors, more comfortable though still a tonne of fun with friends. Even if you’re entering alone, sleeping away from home in the same space is a perfect occasion to build relationships with like-minded people!

Even supposed enemy competitors can become friends!

This mutual attitude is one of passion and dedication to video games, competitive esports, socialising and interacting in the community, contributing to competition and being part of something bigger. Across the plethora of tournaments constituting the Nova Series such as Rocket League, League of Legends, Fortnite, Battalion 1944, FIFA 19, Magic: The Gathering Arena there’s a recurring theme. While all these titles are different, they all serve as opportunities to meet new people, share experience, learn and grow as a person. Some of the mentioned games will also require you to bring your own equipment, either PC or PS4 to our very own BYOC area – note that the first 100 tickets are packaged with a 10 euro discount from our sponsor in Scan Malta!

Tickets are available now!

Speaking of tickets; all of this potential fun is available for incredibly affordable prices covering the entire 3 days. With ticket pricing available here, an FAQ page is also available for any further questions!

We hope to see you all there!

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