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World of Warcraft Classic Dominating Twitch

a phenomenal launch for the classic

Many fans were looking forward to the return of the cult classic MMORPG, World of Warcraft, in the rekindled form of WoW Classic; though I doubt anyone imagined the beloved title to return in such a fashion. The opening week has absorbed Twitch, gaining enough viewership to result in the most-watched week of Twitch of the entire year!

Following a statement made by The Esports Observer, the likes of The International 2019 could fall short compared to WoW Classic in terms of viewership. Bearing in mind that the largest esports event of the year had a whopping 34 million hours last week, one can only imagine the rate at which the title is garnering views. Needless to say, this achievement is possible solely due to the effort put in by Twitch streamers; the likes of “asmongold” and “shroud” offering 24 and even 39-hour marathon streams now and then. Not to forget, we’ve got our very own Maltese streamer in “JokerD”, who claimed the title of the first person to achieve the Level 60 limit in the game – 350,000 people watched as he claimed the final level. At the moment he has 125k followers and Twitch has approached him with a partnership too. A month ago, “JokerD” had a measly 1,0000 views.

Now, the usual question hits the headlines – how long will this last? When will WoW Classic decline? Obviously, viewership will detract over time as new games get released; until then, if Blizzard can push hard enough to gain more weekly views than The International 2019, it would be phenomenal for the community. Apart from that, free DLC and other possible new content could work wonders in partially maintaining the interest of viewers.

At this very moment, on the day of writing, 3rd September, WoW Classic sits at 158k viewers – completely annihilating all other titles. We hope it lasts as long as it can; especially for our Maltese streamer “JokerD”!

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