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Worlds 2019 – FunPlus Phoenix Win It!

the journey is finally compete for the event

Another season of competitive League of Legends has drawn to a close, as the plus $2 million event (initially set at $2.225M) celebrated the top 24 rosters in the world across three venues in Berlin, Madrid and Paris throughout the astonishing month of esports. Below we’ve got a concise review of how the grand finals took place and a quick peek at some revealed statistics.

The overall champions are indeed FunPlus Phoenix, as announced in the title, claiming their rightful place after placing first in their group and subsequently taking out Fnatic, Invictus Gaming and G2 Esports from the Winners’ Bracket. Their victory isn’t their own though, as it’s notably the second year in a row a team originating from the Eastern region of LPL, following last year’s victory for Invictus Gaming, the region is beginning to establish a certain amount of dominance across the international League of Legends scene. So much so, that the statistic numbers pertaining to viewership practically doubled since last year as recorded by Esports Charts:

  • Peak viewers 2018 Finals – 2,050,475
  • Peak viewers 2019 Finals – 3,700,545
  • Hours watched 2018 Finals – 5,198,940
  • Hours watched 2019 Finals – 11,320,362

Do note that G2 Esports was deemed the favourite for the matchup, which only made FunPlus Phoenix’ sweep evermore glorious. The grand finals had a peak viewership of 3.7 million viewers at its highest peak. Another thing to note is that True Damage and their music video which debuted at the Worlds 2019 finals has reached 1.5 million views overnight already!

Following the end of all the buzz of the event, details have already been revealed for next year! Indeed, the 2020 World Championship Finals will take place in Shanghai as shown in the above trailer!

Riot Games have a vital year ahead of them, with their numerous announcements in the pipeline and many more esports events to cover!

Let us know your thoughts with regards to the event in the comments section below!

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