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WoW: Classic Launching this August

It’s official. The officially-sanctioned, Blizzard™-approved, vanilla version of the cult hit MMORPG World of Warcraft will launch on 27th August.

After so many expansions, twists and turns in the over-arching plot of the WoW universe, being able to go back and visit before all that happened holds its own appeal.

Needless to say, turning back the clock over 15 years is no mean feat. There were a lot of hoops to jump through – resurrecting old tech, new advances to incorporate. While people want the genuine experience, they could probably do without the game-breaking bugs and server lag.

While we’re fast approaching a happy conclusion, fans have long been butting heads with Blizzard over the way they wanted to play the game. Frustrated with the game developer’s hesitation, some more enterprising fans essentially made their own entertainment in the form of 3rd party servers.

Things turned particularly sour after Nostalrius, a popular, unofficial server run by fans, was sent an order by Blizzard to cease operations. Not wanting to risk the potential legal wrath, the team complied, leaving a lot of gamers in the lurch and unable to scratch their nostalgic itch.

WoW: Classic will be available for all current WoW subscribers. If you’re a newbie to the series, then you might want to opt for this gem of a collector’s edition:

Consider it as penance for not having bought the game, its expansions and paid 15 years’ worth of fees. Your wallet’s probably better off for it, too.

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