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You Can Now Play Steam Games on your iPhone

After a year’s worth of controversy, Steam Link is now accessible on the App Store, meaning that you can launch and play Steam games from your desktop on your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV.

Steam Link works by mirroring sound and video your desktop, and transmitting it to your other device. The device then picks up controller input and relays it to your desktop, thus completing the ‘circuit’. There’s also a dedicated Steam Link device available, but using it through your phone/device definitely sounds like a more convenient option.

The Android version has already been out since last year, but following a rejection from the App Store, Apple has tweaked their apps policy to incorporate Steam’s app, without breaking their previous rule of not having other competing app stores on their platform. For all you super-geeks, there’s even a Raspberry Pi version available!

This means that you can totally break out a session of OverCooked on the TV without having to haul over your desktop setup to the living room. Sounds neat!

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